Where does Athlete Zero come from?


March 2016.

I went out with some friends to brunch on the Sunday that I needed to leave. We drank mimosas on a dreary and rainy day in Baltimore. I was on a high from such a great weekend.

The mood was bright and cheerful. At one point, one of my girlfriends turns to me and says,

“I have to ask. Would you stand up in my wedding?”


Spoiler: Of course, I said yes.

But, I knew that the previous six months of Crossfit were giving me results but not the results I wanted.

When we drove back, I opened my e-mail and stared at it for a moment.

“Who is going to whip me into shape that not only knows how to challenge me but also knows how to work with my nutrition?” There was only one person who could help me with this.

If you guessed Coach Carl D. Sandridge, you are correct.

Carl, of course, was happy to. We discussed a few things over the next few days and all of a sudden, I started getting pre-designed workouts, measurements for my nutrition, and a plan to follow. This plan is called ATHLETE ZERO.

Laura and Justin (remember them from Cleveland?) are doing this whole thing with me, too. In order to keep us motivated, we adopted the #trainingtobeasuperhero and chose our alter egos for this journey.

If you haven’t figured mine out yet – you might want to look a bit harder.


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