Week 5: Reflection


So, I am at Week 5. I have done some of the most insane workouts and have eaten 90% healthy and within my macros.


I say 90% healthy because sometimes meeting those protein macros is horrid. Or hitting my calorie count (sometimes I am terribly under) is a nightmare as well. But, it’s trial and error and process.

I am currently baking chicken with Penzey’s Northwood spice as well as little red and yellow peppers scattered across it. I am doing my best to include my protein in my diet (powder in my coffee in the morning).

I think I have made a few strides.

  • My back squat went from 105# > 155# for my three rep max.
  • My push press went from 85# > 105#.
  • My front squat went from 90# > 135#.
  • My cleans are better.
  • I still hate burpees and Coach Carl literally includes them once – twice a week. I am getting much faster on these, however. When I started in August, I had to do burpees off of a box because the movement was too complex for me. Now, I can do it without a box. A real burpee.
  • I have not cried during a WOD yet! I have, however, screamed Carl’s name in vain. Multiple times.
  • I have learned to love the sled. It makes you feel insanely powerful.
  • I feel smaller in some areas. I know my stomach has gone down, my legs have tightened, my arms are smaller. My only issue is getting over the mentality that results are immediate. I know in my brain this is false but I can’t help but get frustrated sometimes. I have to realize I am not trying to lose 1 or 2 pounds. These are pounds I put on in college and through my polycystical ovary (not an excuse, just didn’t take care of it earlier on).
  • I am REALLY liking vegetables more and more. I have always liked them but when you get a cool recipe, you just start getting creative.

And then some things I need to work on a bit more.

  • My deadlift is still at 275#. I know that in time, that will go up. My goal for June is to get it to 300#.
  • My running stamina has gone up, but very slightly. This is something I need to work on more. Chicago has been surprisingly rainy the past few weeks which has placed me on the rower a lot.
  • I need to do a box jump. This one is 100% mental. I know I can jump high as hell but when a box is there, I immediately shut down and get too trapped in my head.
  • I gotta do an assisted pull up by the end of the year. Another thing I can totally do and need to get out of my head space.

Over the past few weeks, my husband Mike and my Gym Buddy Katy have been immensely supportive. My friend Laura from Cleveland has been just amazing and always checking in on me. I am forever grateful for her, too.

Katy will always doing an Athlete Zero WOD with me and encourages her son to do it with me, too. I told her she can be Wonder Woman in our pack of superheroes. She instead, calls me her Wonder Woman because she’s kind. She’s someone I want to grow up to be like, honestly. She’s about my height and she’s in probably the best shape I have ever seen someone. She pushes me all the time and challenges me. Like, for my back squat? She saw me do 100# and said, “Put more weight on.” It’s always put more weight on.

Coach Carl has finally gotten around to calling me ‘Lady Flash’. I have returned the favor and called him ‘Batman’.

Tonight, I am hitting the box with Katy and Mike. Katy has to bring me a hair tie because my adorable cat, Banjo, has squirreled away the rest of the them. Not sure what the WOD is yet, but I’ll know when I get there.


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