Week 5: Workout 3


Today, for the first time in a long time, I noticed some small changes in my face. I turned in the mirror – like – twenty times because I was convinced the mirror was wrong. But, it’s working. This whole crazy ass process is working.

Food today (I need to start doing this more): Protein Coffee + Almond Milk + Agave for breakfast, baked chicken + sweet peppers + foxpoint seasoning for lunch, smoked almonds and cottage cheese for a snack, and an anti-pasto salad for dinner.

Today’s workout, on a normal day, would have been pretty normal.

When you combine it with Workout 2? Boy, oh, boy.

I should have known when I sent this over to Coach Carl and he said, “I am using this” that this was not going to be as easy as it looked.

Every minute on the minute (for 12 min):

  • 15 reps of ez bar curl
  • 20 reps of dumbbell curl
  • 100 m run

Every minute on the minute (for 12 min):

  • 15 reps of straight leg deadlift at 185#
  • 20 reps of overhead plate lunge at 25 lb
  • 100 m run

Every minute on the minute (for 12 min):

  • 15 reps of dumbbell shoulder press
  • 20 reps of v sit-up
  • 100 m run

Everything was going super awesome until the plate lunge. The past few workouts have been squat heavy and even with a foam roller and tons of stretching? My legs were bags of sand. I dropped my straight leg to a normal deadlift. Running turned into walking because my thighs were in so much pain.

However, the positive side? I ran. Like, ran. Full sprint, good form, not out of breath. It was really invigorating.

Tomorrow, I am taking a day off from the box and going to do an at home WOD. Mostly, I am going to work on my arms and core and give my legs a little bit of rest.




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