Week 5: Changes


Carl texted me today and opened with,

“Two things. Two are you. One is me.”

After a silence of ten minutes and my anxiety on high as each second passed – he responded, that my workout was going to change and so was my macro count.

I have to finish this week out with normal WODs and most importantly, Sunday must be a rest day.

“Are you hitting your macros?”

“Sort of? 80%, for sure. 100%? Never.”

“On what days?”

“Training. I know mentally I need fuel for the workout.”

The third item? He’s saving for another day.

I am a little nervous but excited, nonetheless. I explained to him that I trusted him – which I do – and that I look forward to the challenges ahead. No workout is terrifying or makes me question my commitment to Crossfit. But, I also fear the unknown a little.

Tomorrow, at home workout in the morning. Some light work, nothing too insane. Saturday I am shooting (I should mention I am a photographer at this point.) our box’s competition so I get the day off. But, I will most likely do a little bit of cardio. Something.


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