Week 6: Workout 1 & Noms

Today is Monday which means Aldi Shopping! I love Aldi more than most people. We have a Jewel, a Farmer’s Market-esque store, and then Aldi. Aldi is lovely because I can get all my food for the week at a price that is not insane. My only missing item is kale (they were out) so I opted for baby spinach instead. I picked up salmon, too, which is going to be a new cooking challenge for Mike. I am pretty stoked.

Cottage Cheese + Strawberries + White & Green Tea for a snack. I had a normal Protein Shake in the morning because I did not have anything in the fridge.

Grilled Porkchops + Garlic Salsa (Aldi!) was my lunch. I have to meal prep tomorrow for sure. I was in such a rush when I got home that I just went ahead and made myself lunch.

Dinner is grilled asparagus with garlic and grilled cajun chicken. Mike is making asparagus like this for the first time and it’s really good. It’s crunchy!

Now, onto the WOD. This weekend, I did light cardio in preparation. I even got a nice compliment from Jennifer and Pauline (who was visiting from Atlanta) that they could see weight loss in my face. It was really cool to hear that it’s noticeable!

I hadn’t heard from Coach Carl so I e-mailed him my box’s WOD for the day (not listed above) and he responded pretty quickly with the above WOD.

To answer your question, Agile 8 is a really neat stretch and movement warm up. You may feel funny doing it, but it’s really great to get you warmed up and loose.

Thrusters are one of my weaker points so I was happy to see that I had to do them.

Angelo was finishing up his WOD, Jake was doing his insane back squats, and Megan was hanging out to support Angelo. We got to chat a little bit before we got into the WOD which was really nice.

The WOD itself was lighter than I thought it would be. The tire flips were pretty challenging but once I got momentum, it wasn’t bad. What murdered me was the 100 meter sled push because it was half my weight. Sled pushes on normal WODs, I love because it’s fun. This was the exact opposite. It sucked.

My legs are pretty rough after it. Especially going up the stairs to my apartment.

But, I did it! And that’s what matters, right?


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