Avocados and New Orleans

I  L O V E  avocados. I was doing some research online and I thought, well, can I put it in my protein shake?

Hell yes I can.

Matcha + Soy Peanut Butter + Half an avocado + Whey Protein + a splash of Agave + Almond Milk.


My calories were severely under yesterday. Not like, yay! Under calories! More like MyFitnessPal yelled at me for being under. So, I gotta put a little bit more care into my meals.


Next week, I am shooting a wedding in New Orleans. I am pretty honored as its for my friends Peter and Casey. Small wedding. But, tons of photo opportunities.

I told Coach Carl this and he simply told me to rock cardio (treadmill or bike) at the hotel gym. I am going to be running from multiple points and venues on Monday in heels so I’ll be rocking out the treadmill on Tuesday. I get back super early Wednesday and plan to keep going on my Athlete Zero workouts.

Yesterday’s workout was rough. I can push press 105# with no problem and I ended up going all the way down to 45# because my shoulders were burning so badly. What matters is finishing. Not being a hero.

I am currently waiting on Coach Carl to send me my workout for today. If he doesn’t, I have to do the Crossfit Lemont WOD and it is a doozy.

We will see what the day brings!


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