Week 7: Workout #Something

Back from NOLA! What a trip!

Here’s a teaser shot from the wedding I did for my friends.

I didn’t sleep the night before my flight (my flight was so early that sleeping was pointless) so I came home safely and got right back to the grind.

Yesterday, my stepbrother came along on our workout. It was 3 different workouts, of course, for Wacky Wednesday. 

15m emotm

  • 6 front squats
  • 12 weighted step ups
  • 54 jump ropes


6m amrap

  • 3 c+j
  • 8 lateral bar jumps


15m emotm

  • 50 battle ropes/slams
  • 15 slam balls
  • 15 med ball sit ups

So, first part? Easy. I mean challenging but easy for the most part. Second part? Got a little tougher. Third part – all of us were screeching and swearing. 

Running/walking in NOLA was great but it put me at a slight disadvantage with the barbell work. 

Either way, glad I went šŸ™‚

Katy asked if I measured myself and I admitted I need to get on that. So, going forward, that’s my game plan.

Fuel Today: Craved a burger so badly. So, grass-fed beef, garlic hummus, and kale. 

Back in the swing of things!


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