Quitting Smoking

I have tried to quit smoking twice now.

Did cold turkey once. Did vaping the second time. The second time, it stuck for three months and I dropped right back into it over a crazy drama filled explosion.

I talked to my friend Adam who told me of a book that his father read and once he put it down, he never touched another cigarette. Before I could order it, Adam mailed it to me.

If you wanna quit smoking, I highly recommend this book. It’s from an actual ex-smoker, not a doctor or someone to use scare tactics to get you to quit. Out of the 6 million quitters, he hasn’t been able to cure five people. This author also quit from smoking six packs a day which is way more than I do.

He’s realistic. He gets that quitting smoking is really difficult. But, he constantly asks one question:

Why do you smoke?

At first I was like, stress. It chills me out. To which, the next paragraph basically thwarted that idea. He stops a lot of tales from quitting makes you gain weight to all the reasons you smoke and how false it is. 

I needed to get this out not on social media but to my three readers here (hello three readers!)

The whole thing is mental. I just have to keep remembering that smoking doesn’t calm my stress. It gives me stress. Smoking isn’t cool. It’s disgusting.

Tomorrow is the day. You have to set a date for this. He encourages you to keep smoking till you finish the book (which I did) and then set a specific date in a low stress environment or where I would be tempted.

Today is my last day as I will be at a BBQ with friends who are smokers. 

I literally can’t run as hard at Crossfit. I hate the feeling. It ends tomorrow. 


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