Week 11, 12: Time Flies


Every day for the past few weeks, I kept saying, “Gosh! I need to write in my blog.”

So, here I am – of course – catching up!

Things have been going well for the most part. I have been continuing Athlete Zero and have increased my time at the gym from 3 days a week to 4-5. I know that if I want to maintain this weight, I can be there at my previous amount but I need to hustle quite a bit.

This week, I got my back squat up to 200# from 140#. Katy has been sick, unfortunately, so I haven’t had anyone to push me like she does. I was so happy when I squatted, though, and I recounted the weight three times just to make sure.

Paleo-Lite is going well. The second time around it’s actually not as hard as it was. Also, I get to have quinoa which means I get to have a little extra carb intake so that’s nice. Coach Carl hard adjusted my macros so I am doing a 30/30/40 which is a little bit difficult sometimes but I make it work. It’s not that I am on strict Paleo but I am not allowed dairy or grains. He’s down for everything else though.

I had a baller zucchini, quinoa, and garbanzo bean salad.

Last Saturday, Mike and I went to our Box to paint. We have a pretty drab box with just normal walls and no exciting artwork. So, Mike offered to paint (and Coach Chris didn’t want to pay a ridiculous amount to get it done and Mike will just do it for materials). We had a lot of fun with it and it was a 12 hour affair. I worked out throughout the day at no crazy rate but jumped on the rower here and there and did some weight work. Coach Chris is pretty happy with it, overall. We have one more wall to do and then we’re done.

Jeff stopped by and showed me how to do an assisted pull up. I am getting there. I need to get over the fear of falling. It’s why I can’t do box jumps either. I mean, I can but when I get to the jump, I freeze. It’s some weird mental road block I need to get over.

I had a really bad situation happen in which I was dumb and weighed myself. I haven’t really lost weight in number and it messed with my head pretty bad. I know I have a long journey but sometimes it gets so frustrating sometimes. Jeff made me feel better, though. He has lost a ton of weight and I told him how frustrated I was. He told me he is the same exact weight in number than he was when he started. I gotta remember that.

Personally, I hate that logo but Coach Chris loves it.

In other news, as of today Coach Carl is no longer a Coach at CTOWN. I don’t know the details. I don’t know what happened. I don’t even know if he’s going to be my coach anymore. I texted him in hopes of him contacting me back and not ghosting on me. But, I think he needs time to process whatever is going on.

What else?

Oh! Savage Race – which I’ll write about in another blog – is my new training goal. If you haven’t checked it out yet, you should. It’s like Spartan Race or Warrior Dash but it’s got some really crazy obstacles. A lot of it will test my arm work and my running so every WOD, I am trying to incorporate my strength into it. I want to have fun at the race but I also don’t want to skip any obstacles.





Week 9: Protein and Pain

Tomorrow is my first day at a work convention in Columbus, Ohio. I am pretty stoked as its my first convention on my own. Well, sort of on my own. My coworker Scott is coming up from Atlanta so we will be tag teaming the show.

I am up late working on last minute details. Jeff reminded me that we had protein shakes in the hotel fridge which I chugged immediately. My legs are already done for the week from yesterday’s and today’s WOD.

I got a CTOWN shirt finally 🙂

So, on recommendation from my Head Coach in Cleveland – we went to FitClub in Columbus.

Huge box. Bigger than normal. But, everyone was REALLY nice. 


Run 400 (?) M

Run up tower 

30 jumping jacks

20 squats

10 push ups

Run down tower

Run back

Kettlebell stretches


EMOTM for 12

Odd – 6 push press

Evens – 3 pistols 


21-15-9 in under 10 minutes

  • Front Squat
  • T2B

My legs are raw. Here is hoping this protein shake makes it a little bit easier. I left the box seeing a really motivational quote so I had to take a snap of it.

Week 9: Cleveland

Today, I travelled to Cleveland with my step brother. We are going to a convention in Columbus, Ohio so we stopped at CTOWN to say hello. 

L2R: Me, JR, Laura, Matt, Allison, Justin

The photo is blurry because we went through an insane FITCON. 

I saw Carl first. He gave me a huge hug, looked at me and said,

“Your darker.” Looking at my hair and noting the black. I said, “Yea. It’s close to my natural hair color.”

He smiled and said, “Liked your colorful hair.” Told me to wait and went to holler at someone in a WOD.

This is the moment I decided it was time to dye my whole head purple. 

We talked a little and I asked if I could do FITCON instead of my Day 2 WOD. He said that was perfectly fine.

When I get back from my convention for work? Paleo is on like Donkey Kong.

Our FITCON was with Coach Speed. He’s a very big runner. This is fine but not fine for the rest of us as it was heavy cardio. We started the WOD off with running 600 meters for warm up.

My friend, Matt, joined us and we ended up walking the 600. Matt is a bigger dude but when I say bigger I mean he has lost close to 200 lbs and used to walk with a cane. The man is a legend. But, due to the previous weight, his knees are awful.

We did drills from knee raises to butt kicks to burpee jumps across the box. And when we were nice and warmed up?

10 minute AMRAP — Three times with a 3:00 break inbetween for a total of 39:00.

  • 1 Wall Walk
  • 2 KB Thrusters
  • 3 V-Ups
  • 4 Burpee Box Jumps

I taught our friend Allison how to do a wall walk and she was really excited. They’re insanely fun.

Coach Larry (who I do work for) walked in on our second round and didn’t know I was showing up. He was surprised and a little offended I didn’t mention it to him. After drenching in sweat and apologizing profusely, he smiled and told me he would wait till I was done.

After the WOD, I said bye to Carl and Larry and got my first CTOWN shirt. I’ll be posting a selfie soon!

Tomorrow. JR and I are headed to Columbus, OH and if the WOD goes well, we will be back on Thursday.

My arms are raw currently.

Week 9 & 10: A Mystery!


Well, not really a mystery.

I did Week 9, normally, with the correct Macro Diet and then WODs at my box in Lemont. Carl seemed to be heavily focused on their Savage Race so I didn’t really talk to him at all since our last interaction.

But, today, I got the e-mail.

This is going to be a different training for the next 30 workouts. Probably lots of scaling. That’s okay. Superheroes fall more than they fly. That’s why they’re super.” – Carl

New Macros. 40/30/30 (Protein, Carb, Fat) and a new diet. Real food – No dairy, no grains (Except Quinoa). At first, I looked at this and realized I could do it. When I talked to my gym friend, however, I learned that this is Paleo. Paleo except I can eat quinoa.

So, I trust Carl and I’ll do this diet again. I won’t ask Mike to do it with me again, however, and will be doing this by myself. As much as I hate Paleo, I know it works. I know that it’ll help me get to my goal weight and help me get my butt into shape.

Today will be:

Day One

1. Snatch 5 x 3 (70-80%)

2. Snatch Pull 4, 4, 4, 4

3. 2-second Pause Back Squat 4 x 3

4. 15 min AMRAP of:

30 Air Squats

20 Lunge Steps (L+R=2)

10 Inverted Barbell Rows

5 Box Jumps As High As Possible

5. DB Incline Bench Press 20, 18, 15, 12

6a. Barbell Curls 3 x 10-12

6b. Dips 3 x ME

7. 10 min of Row/Bike (moderate pace)


Tomorrow, I’ll be in Cleveland physically with Carl so I’ll be sure to update with what torture he plans to put me through. Maybe even a selfie!

I hope everyone has a lovely week. Make sure to go out there and kick ass.

Athlete Zero? More like Patient Zero.


Last time we spoke, reader, I was about to journey on the road of quitting smoking.

Did I quit?

You bet I did. But, there was a very “fun” twist.

The stress I got from quitting forced me to get one of the worst stomach aches I have ever gone through. Five straight days of nausea, random nose bleeds, stomach pain (sometimes sharp), vomiting, and migraines. It came in waves, too. Half the day I felt super amazing and wonderful. The other half of the day I felt like I needed to go to the hospital.

The strangest part was when I went to Crossfit? I wasn’t sick. I didn’t get dizzy.

I was weaker, to be sure, but I didn’t feel like I was ill.

I went to the doctor on Friday and got some blood work done. The doctor was positive that I was getting sick from quitting smoking which I absolutely agreed with him. My blood work comes back tomorrow so we will see if there is anything odd. So far, my blood pressure has dropped below normal (due to quitting) and I might have a gluten intolerance though if I do it’ll be extremely minor. I’ll find out tomorrow for sure.

Also, they weighed me and I am 12 lbs down. I was so excited and the nurse was so confused when I said, “Oh yay! 12 down!” and threw my arms up in the air in the middle of the hallway. It was the best news I had gotten all week despite how gross I felt.

After my blood work, Mike took me out to lunch. We ran into my Head Coach who asked if we went to the gym on Friday. When we said we don’t usually go on Fridays, he convinced us to head over there. Again, I felt really good and sweat out a lot of the gross toxins that had been infecting me all week.

Today, I feel about 50% better. I am still a little dizzy when I stand and I am a little bit tired but I have cleaned the house and made a checklist of all my things I need to do. I have a busy week ahead but Crossfit is definitely on that list.

Here is to feeling better.


Week 8: Smokeless

Day one. For those wondering the reference, it’s from one of my favorite video games, Majora’s Mask, which has three days conveniently! 

So, not terrible. The first time I quit smoking I was constantly having mental break downs and crying over nothing. Second time, it was easier and still a roller coaster. This time, not too bad.

The hard part is the first three days. Your body rebels. My first day was two headaches and a stomach ache. I know that it’s temporary. After this, it’s just mental and I am ready for that.

Skipping CF today because this apartment needs to get cleaned and there are work emails still due.

But, I’ll show you what I had for noms today. With the quitting smoking my stomach didn’t want too much today so it’s a bit light.

If you haven’t had roasted chickpeas for a snack, you are not living your life to the fullest.

Memorial Day meant accidental meal prep so Italian sausage and grilled fruit for lunch.

And a throwback to my best friend, Jason, eggs with dill. It’s the only way I’ll have them if I am cooking. 

Mike is making stir fry tonight. 

Tomorrow? No matter how I feel, I am going to the box.