Week 8: Smokeless

Day one. For those wondering the reference, it’s from one of my favorite video games, Majora’s Mask, which has three days conveniently! 

So, not terrible. The first time I quit smoking I was constantly having mental break downs and crying over nothing. Second time, it was easier and still a roller coaster. This time, not too bad.

The hard part is the first three days. Your body rebels. My first day was two headaches and a stomach ache. I know that it’s temporary. After this, it’s just mental and I am ready for that.

Skipping CF today because this apartment needs to get cleaned and there are work emails still due.

But, I’ll show you what I had for noms today. With the quitting smoking my stomach didn’t want too much today so it’s a bit light.

If you haven’t had roasted chickpeas for a snack, you are not living your life to the fullest.

Memorial Day meant accidental meal prep so Italian sausage and grilled fruit for lunch.

And a throwback to my best friend, Jason, eggs with dill. It’s the only way I’ll have them if I am cooking. 

Mike is making stir fry tonight. 

Tomorrow? No matter how I feel, I am going to the box.


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