Athlete Zero? More like Patient Zero.


Last time we spoke, reader, I was about to journey on the road of quitting smoking.

Did I quit?

You bet I did. But, there was a very “fun” twist.

The stress I got from quitting forced me to get one of the worst stomach aches I have ever gone through. Five straight days of nausea, random nose bleeds, stomach pain (sometimes sharp), vomiting, and migraines. It came in waves, too. Half the day I felt super amazing and wonderful. The other half of the day I felt like I needed to go to the hospital.

The strangest part was when I went to Crossfit? I wasn’t sick. I didn’t get dizzy.

I was weaker, to be sure, but I didn’t feel like I was ill.

I went to the doctor on Friday and got some blood work done. The doctor was positive that I was getting sick from quitting smoking which I absolutely agreed with him. My blood work comes back tomorrow so we will see if there is anything odd. So far, my blood pressure has dropped below normal (due to quitting) and I might have a gluten intolerance though if I do it’ll be extremely minor. I’ll find out tomorrow for sure.

Also, they weighed me and I am 12 lbs down. I was so excited and the nurse was so confused when I said, “Oh yay! 12 down!” and threw my arms up in the air in the middle of the hallway. It was the best news I had gotten all week despite how gross I felt.

After my blood work, Mike took me out to lunch. We ran into my Head Coach who asked if we went to the gym on Friday. When we said we don’t usually go on Fridays, he convinced us to head over there. Again, I felt really good and sweat out a lot of the gross toxins that had been infecting me all week.

Today, I feel about 50% better. I am still a little dizzy when I stand and I am a little bit tired but I have cleaned the house and made a checklist of all my things I need to do. I have a busy week ahead but Crossfit is definitely on that list.

Here is to feeling better.



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