Week 9 & 10: A Mystery!


Well, not really a mystery.

I did Week 9, normally, with the correct Macro Diet and then WODs at my box in Lemont. Carl seemed to be heavily focused on their Savage Race so I didn’t really talk to him at all since our last interaction.

But, today, I got the e-mail.

This is going to be a different training for the next 30 workouts. Probably lots of scaling. That’s okay. Superheroes fall more than they fly. That’s why they’re super.” – Carl

New Macros. 40/30/30 (Protein, Carb, Fat) and a new diet. Real food – No dairy, no grains (Except Quinoa). At first, I looked at this and realized I could do it. When I talked to my gym friend, however, I learned that this is Paleo. Paleo except I can eat quinoa.

So, I trust Carl and I’ll do this diet again. I won’t ask Mike to do it with me again, however, and will be doing this by myself. As much as I hate Paleo, I know it works. I know that it’ll help me get to my goal weight and help me get my butt into shape.

Today will be:

Day One

1. Snatch 5 x 3 (70-80%)

2. Snatch Pull 4, 4, 4, 4

3. 2-second Pause Back Squat 4 x 3

4. 15 min AMRAP of:

30 Air Squats

20 Lunge Steps (L+R=2)

10 Inverted Barbell Rows

5 Box Jumps As High As Possible

5. DB Incline Bench Press 20, 18, 15, 12

6a. Barbell Curls 3 x 10-12

6b. Dips 3 x ME

7. 10 min of Row/Bike (moderate pace)


Tomorrow, I’ll be in Cleveland physically with Carl so I’ll be sure to update with what torture he plans to put me through. Maybe even a selfie!

I hope everyone has a lovely week. Make sure to go out there and kick ass.


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