Week 9: Cleveland

Today, I travelled to Cleveland with my step brother. We are going to a convention in Columbus, Ohio so we stopped at CTOWN to say hello. 

L2R: Me, JR, Laura, Matt, Allison, Justin

The photo is blurry because we went through an insane FITCON. 

I saw Carl first. He gave me a huge hug, looked at me and said,

“Your darker.” Looking at my hair and noting the black. I said, “Yea. It’s close to my natural hair color.”

He smiled and said, “Liked your colorful hair.” Told me to wait and went to holler at someone in a WOD.

This is the moment I decided it was time to dye my whole head purple. 

We talked a little and I asked if I could do FITCON instead of my Day 2 WOD. He said that was perfectly fine.

When I get back from my convention for work? Paleo is on like Donkey Kong.

Our FITCON was with Coach Speed. He’s a very big runner. This is fine but not fine for the rest of us as it was heavy cardio. We started the WOD off with running 600 meters for warm up.

My friend, Matt, joined us and we ended up walking the 600. Matt is a bigger dude but when I say bigger I mean he has lost close to 200 lbs and used to walk with a cane. The man is a legend. But, due to the previous weight, his knees are awful.

We did drills from knee raises to butt kicks to burpee jumps across the box. And when we were nice and warmed up?

10 minute AMRAP — Three times with a 3:00 break inbetween for a total of 39:00.

  • 1 Wall Walk
  • 2 KB Thrusters
  • 3 V-Ups
  • 4 Burpee Box Jumps

I taught our friend Allison how to do a wall walk and she was really excited. They’re insanely fun.

Coach Larry (who I do work for) walked in on our second round and didn’t know I was showing up. He was surprised and a little offended I didn’t mention it to him. After drenching in sweat and apologizing profusely, he smiled and told me he would wait till I was done.

After the WOD, I said bye to Carl and Larry and got my first CTOWN shirt. I’ll be posting a selfie soon!

Tomorrow. JR and I are headed to Columbus, OH and if the WOD goes well, we will be back on Thursday.

My arms are raw currently.


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