Week 9: Protein and Pain

Tomorrow is my first day at a work convention in Columbus, Ohio. I am pretty stoked as its my first convention on my own. Well, sort of on my own. My coworker Scott is coming up from Atlanta so we will be tag teaming the show.

I am up late working on last minute details. Jeff reminded me that we had protein shakes in the hotel fridge which I chugged immediately. My legs are already done for the week from yesterday’s and today’s WOD.

I got a CTOWN shirt finally 🙂

So, on recommendation from my Head Coach in Cleveland – we went to FitClub in Columbus.

Huge box. Bigger than normal. But, everyone was REALLY nice. 


Run 400 (?) M

Run up tower 

30 jumping jacks

20 squats

10 push ups

Run down tower

Run back

Kettlebell stretches


EMOTM for 12

Odd – 6 push press

Evens – 3 pistols 


21-15-9 in under 10 minutes

  • Front Squat
  • T2B

My legs are raw. Here is hoping this protein shake makes it a little bit easier. I left the box seeing a really motivational quote so I had to take a snap of it.


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