Scale Back: Remember Rest Days 

Yesterday at like 9:30 PM, I decided I wanted to do another WOD, putting me at 4 days this week. The WOD wasn’t bad but more so a little annoying because it was the same three movements ~16 times. Either way, I am glad I did it.

I also picked up and swung a 50# KBS. It was difficult to be sure but it felt really good. 

Carl emailed me this morning and told me four days was plenty but if I needed to go more, then go more but do cardio or squat training. 

Tomorrow, Mike is painting at the box again. So, I plan to do at least some light cardio. Maybe rowing for half an hour seems like a good idea.

Next week is my work’s biggest convention, Gen Con, in which we walk roughly 8-10 miles a day. My poor sister is just getting into FitBit and wants to challenge me this week specifically but I’ll most likely blow through my 10k steps daily. The best thing about conventions is you don’t feel like you walked a bunch. You just look at your counter and realize that you just walked 8 miles without even knowing it!

I am also doing an actual yoga class on Saturday with my CEO and Director of Print and Design – which should be fun! I have done at home yoga workouts but never an actual class. It’ll be nice to feel limber! 

Cindy & DT: Recipe for Pain

If you are not a Crossfitter, you probably won’t recognize the names above.

Carl told me to do Crossfit Lemont’s WOD and to do it at 80%. So, I showed him the above WOD to which he said:

“Forget 80%. Hit it as hard as possible.”

Cindy is 5 Pull Ups, 10 Push Ups, 15 Squats

DT is 12 deadlifts, 9 hanging cleans, 6 push presses.

Seems simple right? Well, yesterday, it alternated a total of 3 rounds each varying in amount. I wiffed my time because during a clean, I didn’t do it properly and my shoulder shot out. Not the first time it has happened, mind you. I need to be mindful of my form.

Let me tell you, it was not a fun WOD. But, I did it and that’s what matters most!

I am so very sore. Especially in my legs. But, I am one of those weirdos that thrives off of the physical soreness. It makes me smile.

One thing I have to remember, too, is that I took two weeks off (supplemented with FitBit so I was at least moving) so my weights are going to drop for a bit. But, I’ll get back up there. I was surprised how light the RX was and realized why it was. Eventually, it’s difficult. Not to mention my palms were on fire. I gotta go back to wearing gloves.

Today, Carl said I am going to hate him for the WOD he is going to send me. I explained to him that I hate every WOD he sends me but I gotta do it for a healthier me and my goal of the wedding.

Speaking of, some dates have been updated.

  • 1 year and some change till my sister’s wedding.
  • 2 years on the nose for my best friend’s wedding. 
  • 3 years till Mike and I renew vows in NOLA.

So, I gotta push it. 

Sometimes, I see others just excelling and losing a ton of weight but I have to remember that it took me ten years to get to my weight and ten years for me do unhealthy things. It takes time and I just gotta be patient. 

I will say, since starting FitBit, my physical weight numbers have gone down little by little. I weighed myself in Atlanta and my weight had gone down by five pounds so that has to be something.  

Thanks for reading, all 8 of you. It makes me happy to see you’re cheering me on. 

Reminders for my Future Self

Dear Future Meredith,

Today, you are sore. You’re sore and it feels so amazing. You can’t stop smiling at having the reminder of how awesome working out felt.

For being two weeks off, you did pretty great today. I know that your weight will get back up to the 200’s. Remember that when you take time off, you do lose your progression a bit. But, you will get back up there in no time.

Didn’t it feel good to feel your stomach tighten on those swings?

Didn’t you feel amazing to get yourself under the bar again? The amazing feeling of cold steel on your bare neck?

The swishing sound of the rower as you pulled it back and forth? All of it.

Remember, yesterday felt good. Keep at it


Past Meredith

Back in the Saddle


After last week, Carl told me he would contact me on the weekend.

Then on Monday.

I braced myself to hear him say, “I can’t be your coach anymore.” I was ready for it and I started to prepare for it.

But, the Dark Knight contacted me moments ago with my first workout of the week. I feel motivation come over me again and I am so happy that I wish you all could see my face. It’s going to feel so good to workout again.

Warm-up #1
Agile 8

Warm-up #2
4 rounds of:

  • 15 Squats
  • 15 Calorie Row
  • 15 Push-ups

Back Squat – 4 x 12-15 reps (warm-up with 2-3 sets)
Deadlift 4 x 6-8 reps (warm-up 2-3 sets)

15 min AMRAP of:

  • 20 RKBS 55#
  • 15 Wall Balls
  • 10 Calorie Row

From Flash to Ms. Marvel


I would be lying if I said I have been rockin’ out these past few weeks.

With Carl out of communication, I had a long talk with Laura about what my next move would be. I gave it one last shot today and expressed my need for Carl to be my coach. If he says no? Then, I am on my own.

Justin let me read the first adventure of the new Ms. Marvel and I fell in love. So much so that I thought that I would change everything over to her. But, I waited. Now, more than ever this is the perfect time to get through it. Whether Carl chooses to be my Coach still or not, it’s time to really train to be a Superhero.

Ms. Marvel (specifically Kamala) wanted to be like Ms. Marvel and she got her wish. I always admire the superheroes that are ahead of me and strive to be like them. She’s quirky, she’s weird, and she can alter her physical form — which is what I am trying to do.

Next week? Macros and Crossfit with Pokemon Go and 10K steps in between.