Scale Back: Remember Rest Days 

Yesterday at like 9:30 PM, I decided I wanted to do another WOD, putting me at 4 days this week. The WOD wasn’t bad but more so a little annoying because it was the same three movements ~16 times. Either way, I am glad I did it.

I also picked up and swung a 50# KBS. It was difficult to be sure but it felt really good. 

Carl emailed me this morning and told me four days was plenty but if I needed to go more, then go more but do cardio or squat training. 

Tomorrow, Mike is painting at the box again. So, I plan to do at least some light cardio. Maybe rowing for half an hour seems like a good idea.

Next week is my work’s biggest convention, Gen Con, in which we walk roughly 8-10 miles a day. My poor sister is just getting into FitBit and wants to challenge me this week specifically but I’ll most likely blow through my 10k steps daily. The best thing about conventions is you don’t feel like you walked a bunch. You just look at your counter and realize that you just walked 8 miles without even knowing it!

I am also doing an actual yoga class on Saturday with my CEO and Director of Print and Design – which should be fun! I have done at home yoga workouts but never an actual class. It’ll be nice to feel limber! 


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