August Plans

It’s a new month! Happy August, y’all!

Yesterday, Mike painted the box more. We are pretty happy with the outcome.

Chris wanted the 10 pillars as well as Lemont’s Finest (the design taken from one of our tanks) and from what I can tell, Chris really digs it.

I worked out five times last week and I feel really good about it. With Mike’s new job at the brewery, it’s hard to get him to go all the time with me but I have a spare key to the box so I can really just go on my own.

August Goals

  • Workout four times a week, minimum – Carl says no more than four for Crossfit (unless it’s a benchmark or hardcore workout like Murph) and I can do cardio on my off days.
  • 10k steps a day – I am hit or miss on this depending on the day, so I need to buckle down and rock it. 
  • Eat Macros – After my work convention this week, I am back on the grind of no whites, no dairy, and only real food.
  • Squats – One thing I used to do that is so incredibly easy is doing 20 squats after using the washroom. You crank out at least a hundred a day this way.
  • Train for Savage Race – I need to work on my grip and my run time. 

This Week

As stated previously, I got a work conference but we walk roughly 5 – 8 miles day. I am also doing yoga on Saturday with some coworkers so I am pretty excited about that. I have done at home yoga work but never a class.

Today, I am rocking sled pushes, running, and burpees.

Tomorrow, it’s rowing and running. Carl is trying to squeeze in as much running as possible before it starts to get cold.

Yesterday was 30 minutes of rowing. I figured that I needed to get a little cardio in at the start of the week. 


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