Work, Work, and Hustle.

Well, this is my Wednesday – Saturday of last week. Sunday, my FitBit F I N A L L Y died but my IPhone still calculated.

44.8 miles, y’all.

Gen Con is a huge convention with 200k attendees as of last year. You walk literally everywhere because everything is walking distance. It’s my work’s biggest convention so it’s all hands on deck!

I got to see NotAwesomeYet for a whopping three seconds. I hope to see her a bit more in the fall. 

A little bit of anxiety happened but I made it home in one piece.

My smart self posted a selfie on my Instagram to which Coach Carl saw and said, “You ready for next week?”

Praise be to the Gods of Crossfit that I didn’t have to do running. My feet are a little raw still. I should be good to go tomorrow, regardless.

WOD was good. It was a nice, sweaty WOD. I realized, too, that my normal KBS was too light halfway through which makes me feel absolutely amazing. I am gonna go up a size next time. 

I hope your week is full of sweat and hustle! 


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