This is fine.

My WOD from Carl today:

Warm-up with 10 minutes on the rower. Every couple minutes pick up the intensity. The last 4 minutes should be tough.

Then, with an empty barbell, complete 100 bench presses. Any time you stop to rack the bar (or rest it on your chest), perform 10 burpees, then begin bench at last rep completed.

Then, do the same thing with a standing strict shoulder press. Except instead of burpees, perform 10 ring rows.

Then, do same thing with empty barbell bicep curls. If you stop or rest, perform 10 banded tricep pushdowns (band on overhead bar, grip with both hands and do pushdowns like at a globo, they higher you grip, the harder the move) (that’s what she said)…

Finish today with 20 minutes max distance on the rower. Record distance for future.

If empty barbell is too easy (i.e. perform all reps unbroken, then add some weight).


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