Rest Day: Before the Pain

Coach Carl asked, “Rest day today or tomorrow?”

“Today, JFC.”

So, that’s exciting! My whole week has been thrown off with missing Monday so my four days got looped into the weekend. I know this isn’t normal so I am not too worried about it.

For those of you just joining me, I’ll need to explain one thing about Coach Carl.

I cannot deal with a coach who is motivating but nice and sweet. I can’t deal with an overly militant coach. I can’t deal with a “fight till you puke” coach.

Carl is a mixture of the three without falling too far beyond the line. He’s kind as in he’s understanding. But, he challenges me and pushes me. He knows my capabilities and doesn’t give me workouts that are impossible. He gives me legit workouts that are challenging to be sure but not so hard that I want to puke or faint.

Crting has almost happened once but that is bound to be a thing when you’re doing back squats three days in a row and your tailbone is tender.

But, I literally cannot do this without him. I don’t want any other coach to help me achieve my dreams. He’s my perfect fit for a coach. 

We will see what tomorrow brings.

I hope your weekend is filled with hustling ❤️


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