Bad WOD: New Day

Yesterday, I did my WOD and for some odd reason – I started to slow down significantly on things I find to be really good at.

Then, I figured it out.

Mike made Lammas Bread this weekend and I threw out my macro count. And this slowed me down noticeably. KBS were so hard and running became a chore.

Now, carbs aren’t bad, people. They’re actually good for you in small dosages. But, when you overconsume? It’s a recipe for a dragging workout.

The plus side is I had to run a mile yesterday and I did relatively good for the first half. I walk/jogged it a lot but it’s something I gotta work towards. I can run  400 meters unbroken so I just gotta work up to that 1600 meters.

Crossfit Mermaid has been one of my favorite people to follow. They’re crazy positive and inspirational so huge shout out to them šŸ™‚ 

Today, back on the Macro Wagon. I am not gonna beat myself up because that’s silly and any athlete who has had perfect diet and exercise is a liar.

Carrots, Peanut Butter, Strawberries, Coffee with Almond Milk, Water, and Aldi’s Black Bean Chipotle Paddy (which, if you have never had – I feel sorry for you because it’s the business). It was a great start to the day and I hope to follow suit through the rest of it.

We got a banging box o’ salad in the fridge which will definitely be perfect for lunch. 

I hope your Tuesday is beautiful and bright!

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