Athlete Zero: Now with Handwritten WODs

Carl activated the AZ Facebook again because it seems he’s getting back into coaching — which is lovely. He posted the following photos which is kind of nice as opposed to his slow run of text messages.

I like being able to move around my workouts. Carl doesn’t care what order or what day — just get it done.

Light day today but looking forward to throwing some iron around.

We had some friends in town this week so I threw my diet out the window. But, Mike is off to get some groceries and we are going to be having:

  • Stuffed Peppers (Vegetarian)
  • Vegetarian Ratatouille 
  • Chicken and Jasmine Rice
  • Black Bean Burgers

Pretty solid start to the week.

I am stoked for my Front Squats today. My last PR was 135# and I think I am ready to go up a notch. It’s my grip I gotta work on. But, practice makes perfect.

Oh! In other news, I FINALLY DID A FULL BOX JUMP. My brain wouldn’t let me and would stop my feet before I even could make the jump for an entire year. I did it last week and did it again to be sure. I am going to keep practicing so I don’t slip back into the “you’re going to fall and hurt yourself” idea. 

In non-workout news, I got the Electric Palette from Urban Decay and you could say I am pretty obsessed with it so far.

To makeup and squats! May your weights be high and your sprints be long!


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