Front Squat PR and an Ode to Aldi.

I flipping love Aldi. 
Since Mike is chasing his dream job, our income has dropped a bit so we had to get really creative with buying cheap. Aldi, in the past year, has really improved their selection. Organic, fresh, and amazing food. I feel great buying healthy without breaking my bank.

We found a recipe from Aldi themselves of a Vegetarian Ratatouille. And y’all. This is one of the best.

Zucchini. Squash (my fav). Onions. Tomatoes. All the good stuff. It helps too that a friend of ours just gave us 15# of tomatoes from their garden.

If you’re looking for a killer meal prep recipe, that’s the one. It makes 6-8 servings and I got lunch this week.

Wednesday, we are rockin’ out on Stuffed Peppers! Which are my all time favorite.

Workout was a quicker one. 5 Deadlifts and 10 Burpees X 5 goes a lot quicker than you might think. 

My last 3 RM for front squats was 130#. I thought hard about it (my one rep is at 150# and I haven’t really pushed on this yet) and threw on two extra tens to make 140#. Was pretty sure that when I unracked it, I made an “oof!” sounds as I could feel the pressure of the weight on there.

But, I asked Mike to watch and make sure. Did them back to back — though challenging — and I feel awesome. 

Tomorrow, we Cindy. It’s my favorite girl workout so I am very excited. 

I am already feeling the normal deadlift soreness so I am sure it will be in full force tomorrow. But, my groin muscle injury is over so I am very excited about that.


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