Lesley Drop-In

Fairy Swolemate!

So, Lesley was in for a work conference which ended up with giving her some free time. We went to the box together 🙂

We did Back Squats (in which she called me on my form – which was awesome), Push Presses, and then we did Annie. I am getting way better at jump roping. I would not say that I am at double unders but I feel way more comfortable and I am not tripping over myself every five or so. 

At one point, I did 50 – unbreakable. I remember first doing jump rope and I was like,

“One. FUCK. One. Shit.” Now to do it unbroken for a bit is awesome.

Then, she made turkey burgers with jalapeños and onions and sweet potato fries and salad. It was delicious.

We talked Renaissance Diet. This will be a thing after Midwinter in January (it’s a 12 month commitment and doing it during the holidays is going to end up in arguments with family). But, some things I learned about it.

Eating More: Five meals sometimes six a day. Challenge: I get my breakfast, sometimes my lunch, and definitely dinner. I am going to train myself to start doing small five – six meals a day. 

Training more: I need to start committing to five days a week at the box. Not three or four and a walk every day. I am gonna up my attendance.


Calorie Counting is still a thing. I need to be better about MyFitnessPal. I eat so routinely that I got it in my head but since Renaissance is so very different for food allowance, I gotta train back in. 

I am looking forward to it. 

This week is Crossfit tomorrow and Wednesday and most likely Thursday. And of course, our ridiculously competitive FitBit Challenge in which my sister gets hilariously angry at people who pass her.

Also, Happy Halloween, y’all! I hope it’s safe and that you have a wonderful time!

Starting Again: Renaissance

Hello, beautiful strangers!

So, let’s do some recap.

  • Kicking ass in FitBit. We are now up to five people in this challenge and they’re fiercely competitive which makes me want to walk even further. I love my FitBit. It makes rest days seem like I do a little hustle for the day. 
  • Crossfit is good! I just went last night (50 DU, 50 push press, 50 MB SU, 50 push press, 50 DU – with a mile row before) and my friend Lesley is in town so we are also going Friday together.
  • After the new year, it’s back to Savage Race training. 
  • Eating habits – good. But.

So I am talking to Lesley and she shows me these before and after pictures of her on the Renaissance Diet.

Obviously I cannot post since they’re private but it kicked me into higher gear. It’s a cut, really, and I want to do it. So, we are going to go over that and I am gonna start soon. It’s 12 weeks and it’s really amazing what the results are. 

Carl has dropped off the map (again) so it’s back to just doing what I do. The plus side is he has given me the tools to progress so I can work it out. It’s just a little disheartening sometimes. But, I knew this signing up that asking an ex-Crossfit coach who is two states away was gonna be a challenge. 

Just gotta press on. 
I hope you guys obtain your goals this week. I know you’re doing amazing and I am very proud of you. 

Gotham Needs Me

I lost my Batman shirt for like weeks. Finally found it. Repping Carl.

Today, we decided to skip Monday WOD and do Tuesday. It was a lot of burpees and with the cat being funky today, we opted for a shorter WOD.

Warm up was 7×5 Back Squat.

My tailbone is a wee bit tender still so I had to keep it at 155# but that’ll change soon!

Three Rounds. Reps: 6, 4, 2. Then increase weight each time you hit 2 and start again.

  • Three Minutes: Cleans and Box Jumps
  • Three Minutes: Ground to Overhead and 50 m shuttle run.

It was a nice Monday WOD. About 25:00.

In FitBit Land, my sister is getting married next year and I told her I would bring the fire each week. She synced before me and when I synced after CF? She got a little mad 😉

In all seriousness, it’s playful competition.

Tomorrow is FitBit and Mike is at a work event so I gotta rock out at home. Probably going to do Lucky 13.

Food? Going well. I really need to give up beer. It’s a bit hard when your husband is a brewer but I wanna at least try for a month. I know it’ll improve my weight loss significantly.

Oh! We got a Mandolin Slicer! Or more so, Mike got a mandolin slicer for Christmas. Cannot wait to make sweet potato chips!

Hope you guys have beautiful weeks! Keep at it! I believe in you!

Mental Health 

A day late but!

Yesterday was World Mental Health Day. I think that it’s important to remember this day every day but I wanted to express my love for anyone who struggles.

As mentioned here before, I struggle with high functioning anxiety. That means that when I lose control, I become bitter and mean and paranoid. I struggle to talk to people or confront them with my feelings. I think of 3,000 scenarios every night of how much people don’t like me and how I will lose my job. I push people away because I believe I am hurting them.

This, of course, has calmed down immensely. I still slip sometimes. But, all I can do is keep going. Always forward. 

You can workout all day but if you’re mental and emotional health is suffering, you may actually harm your physical health in the process.

So, what do we do?

Glad you asked, friend.

If you’re ever struggling with mental health, do not be embarrassed. It’s okay. The first step is admitting you need help. 

The next step is seeking help. There are hundreds of outlets out there now where you can talk to a therapist. If you don’t like your first one, continue to shop around. Therapists understand if you don’t click. Find someone who fits you best.

Third step and most important step, don’t stop going. I have a friend who went through some heavy situations, went to therapy for a month, and stopped because she thought she was better. This is the worst thing you can do. 

Your mental health issues will never go away. But, you can learn to control it through practice, sometimes medicine, and definitely talking to your therapist and being honest. They’re there to help you.

Crossfit, for me, makes my anxiety go away. On my worst days where I want to scream, being under that bar makes it just quiet down for a bit. But, I do need to continue practicing my breathing and my techniques. It’s the only way I can be better.

Exercise might not make you feel better. But, only you can make that decision. 

At the end of this quick post, I say this:

You’re not alone. Going to therapy is amazing and you should never be ashamed of asking for help. I am here for you, friend. 

Live Every Day Like It’s Taco Tuesday.

It’s been a bit since I updated.

  • I have been eating healthy.
  • I have been getting in my steps daily.
  • Been rocking Crossfit but I am so tired lately that I have forgotten to update.
  • I am doing #inktober to improve my handwriting skills.

  • I binge watched Luke Cage.

  • Mike and I got new tea! It’s my way of pretending to get my water count in.

Today, Mike and I are making healthy cauliflower tacos (one of my favorite recipes from Thug Kitchen) for Taco Tuesday/Eat a Taco Day!

So, nothing too exciting to report this week. No insane PRs yet. But, working out and eating healthy is a PR in itself especially after so many years of not doing those things.

I hope your weeks are beautiful like you. 

I am also super proud of y’all.