Gotham Needs Me

I lost my Batman shirt for like weeks. Finally found it. Repping Carl.

Today, we decided to skip Monday WOD and do Tuesday. It was a lot of burpees and with the cat being funky today, we opted for a shorter WOD.

Warm up was 7×5 Back Squat.

My tailbone is a wee bit tender still so I had to keep it at 155# but that’ll change soon!

Three Rounds. Reps: 6, 4, 2. Then increase weight each time you hit 2 and start again.

  • Three Minutes: Cleans and Box Jumps
  • Three Minutes: Ground to Overhead and 50 m shuttle run.

It was a nice Monday WOD. About 25:00.

In FitBit Land, my sister is getting married next year and I told her I would bring the fire each week. She synced before me and when I synced after CF? She got a little mad 😉

In all seriousness, it’s playful competition.

Tomorrow is FitBit and Mike is at a work event so I gotta rock out at home. Probably going to do Lucky 13.

Food? Going well. I really need to give up beer. It’s a bit hard when your husband is a brewer but I wanna at least try for a month. I know it’ll improve my weight loss significantly.

Oh! We got a Mandolin Slicer! Or more so, Mike got a mandolin slicer for Christmas. Cannot wait to make sweet potato chips!

Hope you guys have beautiful weeks! Keep at it! I believe in you!


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