Starting Again: Renaissance

Hello, beautiful strangers!

So, let’s do some recap.

  • Kicking ass in FitBit. We are now up to five people in this challenge and they’re fiercely competitive which makes me want to walk even further. I love my FitBit. It makes rest days seem like I do a little hustle for the day. 
  • Crossfit is good! I just went last night (50 DU, 50 push press, 50 MB SU, 50 push press, 50 DU – with a mile row before) and my friend Lesley is in town so we are also going Friday together.
  • After the new year, it’s back to Savage Race training. 
  • Eating habits – good. But.

So I am talking to Lesley and she shows me these before and after pictures of her on the Renaissance Diet.

Obviously I cannot post since they’re private but it kicked me into higher gear. It’s a cut, really, and I want to do it. So, we are going to go over that and I am gonna start soon. It’s 12 weeks and it’s really amazing what the results are. 

Carl has dropped off the map (again) so it’s back to just doing what I do. The plus side is he has given me the tools to progress so I can work it out. It’s just a little disheartening sometimes. But, I knew this signing up that asking an ex-Crossfit coach who is two states away was gonna be a challenge. 

Just gotta press on. 
I hope you guys obtain your goals this week. I know you’re doing amazing and I am very proud of you. 


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