Lesley Drop-In

Fairy Swolemate!

So, Lesley was in for a work conference which ended up with giving her some free time. We went to the box together 🙂

We did Back Squats (in which she called me on my form – which was awesome), Push Presses, and then we did Annie. I am getting way better at jump roping. I would not say that I am at double unders but I feel way more comfortable and I am not tripping over myself every five or so. 

At one point, I did 50 – unbreakable. I remember first doing jump rope and I was like,

“One. FUCK. One. Shit.” Now to do it unbroken for a bit is awesome.

Then, she made turkey burgers with jalapeños and onions and sweet potato fries and salad. It was delicious.

We talked Renaissance Diet. This will be a thing after Midwinter in January (it’s a 12 month commitment and doing it during the holidays is going to end up in arguments with family). But, some things I learned about it.

Eating More: Five meals sometimes six a day. Challenge: I get my breakfast, sometimes my lunch, and definitely dinner. I am going to train myself to start doing small five – six meals a day. 

Training more: I need to start committing to five days a week at the box. Not three or four and a walk every day. I am gonna up my attendance.


Calorie Counting is still a thing. I need to be better about MyFitnessPal. I eat so routinely that I got it in my head but since Renaissance is so very different for food allowance, I gotta train back in. 

I am looking forward to it. 

This week is Crossfit tomorrow and Wednesday and most likely Thursday. And of course, our ridiculously competitive FitBit Challenge in which my sister gets hilariously angry at people who pass her.

Also, Happy Halloween, y’all! I hope it’s safe and that you have a wonderful time!


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