My name is Meredith (I prefer Mere but I don’t mind either way!) and I am from Chicago, IL. I am a photographer, a Wanderlust Queen, and I absolutely love enjoying life to the fullest.

For years, I have struggled finding the best healthy lifestyle for me. Dancing, Running, Yoga, Kickboxing – everything I tried wasn’t sticking nor did it motivate me on its own. Something was missing.

In August of 2015, my friends convinced me to try out Crossfit. I was smitten even though the workout I tried pushed my limits more than anything else before.

Over the next few months following, I saw results. Slowly. But, I saw results.

In 2016, when my friend asked me to stand up in their wedding, I knew it was go-time. I reached out to my favorite coaches in Cleveland at CTOWN CROSSFIT and asked for help.

I am rocking a macro-based diet as well supplementing it with some of the most challenging workouts I have ever seen.

This blog is my journey and I cannot wait to see the results. Thank you for hanging out with me while I get through this.

As of 2017, I have signed up for a second gym to supplement between Crossfit. It’s all very exciting!


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