Week 3: Science!

So, got to the gym last week! Horray!

I have been really loving Planet Fitness if only because I get there, do my thing, and leave. It’s no fuss and I am loving it.

What I do need to invest in is a set of weights for home so that will be next paycheck. I considered a kettlebell but the 50# ones are insanely expensive so I am going to go with free weights instead.

This weekend, we had two of our friends visit from Madison, WI. It was an unhealthy eating experience, to say the least. But, I felt less guilty on Saturday when we walked 4 miles around the Field Museum

I always love museums. I don’t know why people don’t go more. Chicago actually has the entire month of February free for their museum circuit which is always a plus! I learned a lot and the Field Museum Tattoo Exhibit was definitely an awesome experience.

Bonus, one of our guests has a cousin who works in Public Relations so we got a sneak peak of the behind the scenes hallways, libraries, and science things!

Speaking of science, there’s an article going around my friends’ list currently and it is definitely one of my favorites. It shows a woman who did a ton of weightlifting, exercise, and eating healthy and how she is one pound difference from before to after.

Why am I against scales? Muscle weighs more than fat. This is not an opinion. It’s science. You may actually never meet your goal number especially if you’re doing weight training or lifting. 

This is probably the most normal situation, especially in Crossfit. The problem with scales is they are a tool, yes. But, I have too many friends who live by it. If you are gonna weigh yourself obsessively? Throw out your scale.

If you want to measure your weight loss, the best thing is a tape measure. If you cannot throw the scale away, I ask that you consider only weighing yourself once a week at the same time (I weigh myself every Monday at 2:00 PM at the gym because I don’t trust myself with a scale at home).

Above all, the most important advice I have learned through this is you have to love yourself, regardless of your weight and before you jump in, let me tell you why.

If I don’t love myself at my current weight, I won’t love myself at my goal weight. I am not here to tell you to stop working out or eating healthy. I want you to keep at it! But, remember – you’re the same person no matter how fit you are. 

I have a friend who has to be in a specific number. She’s fit, she looks great. However, if she gains one pound (even if it’s muscle), she freaks and goes on crash diets and works out until she’s so fatigued that she crashes.

Having a goal is awesome (mine is 70 lbs away!) but I have friends who live and die by a few pounds measured on a scale. You’ll kill yourself doing that. If you want to get healthier, I encourage you. If you want to hit a specific number and you can’t go above or under that number — you’re screwed, friend. 

Saying, “I would like to live a healthier lifestyle” is a good start. Saying, “I would like to look and feel healthier” is also good. Putting a number on that is going to crush you especially if you live and die by the scale. Pay more attention to how your clothes fit, how your run time gets better, or how you can lift heavier things. That’s progress. 

This week, I am going back to healthy eating and keeping up with my 3 times a week to the gym. Next blog? We make some new March goals!

Work, Work, and Hustle.

Well, this is my Wednesday – Saturday of last week. Sunday, my FitBit F I N A L L Y died but my IPhone still calculated.

44.8 miles, y’all.

Gen Con is a huge convention with 200k attendees as of last year. You walk literally everywhere because everything is walking distance. It’s my work’s biggest convention so it’s all hands on deck!

I got to see NotAwesomeYet for a whopping three seconds. I hope to see her a bit more in the fall. 

A little bit of anxiety happened but I made it home in one piece.

My smart self posted a selfie on my Instagram to which Coach Carl saw and said, “You ready for next week?”

Praise be to the Gods of Crossfit that I didn’t have to do running. My feet are a little raw still. I should be good to go tomorrow, regardless.

WOD was good. It was a nice, sweaty WOD. I realized, too, that my normal KBS was too light halfway through which makes me feel absolutely amazing. I am gonna go up a size next time. 

I hope your week is full of sweat and hustle! 

August Plans

It’s a new month! Happy August, y’all!

Yesterday, Mike painted the box more. We are pretty happy with the outcome.

Chris wanted the 10 pillars as well as Lemont’s Finest (the design taken from one of our tanks) and from what I can tell, Chris really digs it.

I worked out five times last week and I feel really good about it. With Mike’s new job at the brewery, it’s hard to get him to go all the time with me but I have a spare key to the box so I can really just go on my own.

August Goals

  • Workout four times a week, minimum – Carl says no more than four for Crossfit (unless it’s a benchmark or hardcore workout like Murph) and I can do cardio on my off days.
  • 10k steps a day – I am hit or miss on this depending on the day, so I need to buckle down and rock it. 
  • Eat Macros – After my work convention this week, I am back on the grind of no whites, no dairy, and only real food.
  • Squats – One thing I used to do that is so incredibly easy is doing 20 squats after using the washroom. You crank out at least a hundred a day this way.
  • Train for Savage Race – I need to work on my grip and my run time. 

This Week

As stated previously, I got a work conference but we walk roughly 5 – 8 miles day. I am also doing yoga on Saturday with some coworkers so I am pretty excited about that. I have done at home yoga work but never a class.

Today, I am rocking sled pushes, running, and burpees.

Tomorrow, it’s rowing and running. Carl is trying to squeeze in as much running as possible before it starts to get cold.

Yesterday was 30 minutes of rowing. I figured that I needed to get a little cardio in at the start of the week. 

Week 9: Protein and Pain

Tomorrow is my first day at a work convention in Columbus, Ohio. I am pretty stoked as its my first convention on my own. Well, sort of on my own. My coworker Scott is coming up from Atlanta so we will be tag teaming the show.

I am up late working on last minute details. Jeff reminded me that we had protein shakes in the hotel fridge which I chugged immediately. My legs are already done for the week from yesterday’s and today’s WOD.

I got a CTOWN shirt finally 🙂

So, on recommendation from my Head Coach in Cleveland – we went to FitClub in Columbus.

Huge box. Bigger than normal. But, everyone was REALLY nice. 


Run 400 (?) M

Run up tower 

30 jumping jacks

20 squats

10 push ups

Run down tower

Run back

Kettlebell stretches


EMOTM for 12

Odd – 6 push press

Evens – 3 pistols 


21-15-9 in under 10 minutes

  • Front Squat
  • T2B

My legs are raw. Here is hoping this protein shake makes it a little bit easier. I left the box seeing a really motivational quote so I had to take a snap of it.

Week 7: New Orleans

I am in The Big Easy!

I love this place so much. It’s alive and beautiful and the people here are wonderful. As stated previously, I am shooting a wedding today so it’s very exciting. The plus is that the wedding is tiny (12 people) and both the bride and groom are lax on photos so it’ll be a very low stress day.

So, my goal was to do 30 minutes of walking or running or biking. I got in yesterday and my friend Nathan took me around to the different sites and sounds.

Peter, Loa, Nathan

Peter is our groom to be! 

I got home last night and my feet and legs were raw as hell. Since I don’t have a bathtub at home (we have a standup shower) I took the opportunity for a soak. I don’t get to show off my Peter Pan feather often either so when I can, it’s pretty exciting.

When I woke up this morning, I checked my IPhone (it has a step counter auto-installed) and I did 9 miles yesterday.

NINE. No wonder my legs and feet were raw! It also didn’t help I wore flip flops, too.

I didn’t even realize it because we were laughing and dancing and just being with one another. I have justified this in that I don’t need to workout today (I planned Monday and Tuesday) as 30 minutes on the treadmill would warrant me half of that.

Tomorrow. Tomorrow I am going to use the facility. It’s 24 friggin’ hours! I am not big on machines but as Coach Carl says, I gotta make do! 

Then, I get back to Chicago on Wednesday morning. Should be pretty lovely the next two days.